Ae project - The green man

Our project deals with different identities even inside an identity group. We want to show our personal story as secular Jewish women. People define us as Jewish and Israelis. But even inside of Jewishness there are different identities and different stories. We decided to show it through a famous Israeli children story called "The Green Man". The story is about a green man that lives in a green city with his green wife and green kids. One day he meets a blue man. The green man ask the blue one "what are you doing here?" and the blue man answers "Me? I'm from a different story" (and that how the story end).

The process:

After brain storming together on zoom, we wrote a story board, which helped through the entire process

Then we split the work. Lilo will sketch all the drawing and I'll create the graphic layer. After a few different tries:

I found the right texture:

And decided on a style:

I shared it with Lilo and after a few changes, we both agreed about the style we continued to the other scenes.

We worked like a factory line, Lilo sent me assets:

And I put the graphic layer

Then we did the animation together on zoom.

We had some kind of a collage look, so we used a lot of masking.

With the advise of Gabe we added a stroke effect to make the drawing feel like they were just drawn.

After we finished we did a few touch ups and focused to get the timing of the visual and the sound right.

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