A response to the readings

I feel that most of the articles are from an American point of view about the American health care system. I don't have enough knowledge or personal experience to respond to those articles because I don't really know the the complexity of race, gender and the history of this country.

I can only talk in a more broad and general perspective and maybe how it effects me personally.

Reading all the articles and comics and listening to the podcast was hard. The stories were terrifying and sometimes made me feel uncomfortable. I imagined myself or my family, sick and helpless in the face of a system that is not interested in helping you. I think that in all of the articles there is abuse of the system against the weak layer of society. If it's the state that allowed for drug companies to use sick abandoned children or prisoners as guinea pigs or if it is the insurance companies that didn't want to lose money and in the minute that

Truman wanted to create a better health care he was blamed for being a socialist by those companies.

A few of the articles talk about the medical system and the reaction to the single patient. What was interesting to discover was that the doctors are trying to improve, they acknowledge that the system itself has a lot of problems and not only that they point it out they are trying to improve it. At the end of the day, I want to believe that doctors are people that see the people in front of them. So, no, they are not perfect but they are willing to try, to criticize and always to want to improve and that is blessed.

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